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Find Your Ayurvedic Skin Type

We believe that living harmoniously with nature and each other is the best path to healthy  bodies, healthy families, and a healthy planet.  By mindfully observing the interactions within the living world on a macro and microcosmic level, ancient sages gained the wisdom now known as Ayurveda.  This primordial knowledge provides Ajara with the inspiration and guidance to create self care products and tools to fit a modern lifestyle while honoring mother nature and every individual whose lives we touch.

We know that everyone’s life experience is unique and presents them with their own distinctive set of needs. Therefore it is important to build personal relationships and treat every person with reverence, care, and compassion. To that end, we enter each day with a special sense of beauty and abundance, intentionally infusing joy into everything we create.

Discover the Ajara products that have been made for you by taking our skin type quiz.
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