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​Oil Is the New Soap

Posted by Sam Socorro on

It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and, although this isn’t a philosophy that everyone adheres to, most people can still agree that staying clean is important. There are corporations and small businesses alike that are devoted to selling skin care products for the face and body, and for years the majority of products have been marketed with an oil-free concoction of chemicals that have the same goal: eliminate oil and dirt. This is especially true of cleansing products made to clean the delicate skin on our face. Because blemishes and acne are caused by a cocktail of oil and dirt on the skin, it has long seemed logical and even necessary to create products to eliminate face oil, but now, in an age when consumers are getting wise to the potential harm of artificial ingredients, more research is being done to find out how our bodies really work and what they actually need. This is redefining our skin care routines.

As it turns out, the cosmetic industry has been getting it wrong all along when it comes to soap. Traditional soaps and cleansers, for both face and body, contain ingredients that strip natural oils from the skin. This has long been considered a beneficial thing since oil has always been seen as the enemy, but when the skin is quickly depleted from the oils that it produces naturally, the innate response is to then quickly produce more oil and in greater quantities. The excess of those naturally occurring oils is what can wreak havoc on blemish prone skin causing dryness, redness, and even more blemishes! It may sound counterintuitive to suggest that cleansing with oil is a good idea for the skin, but results are showing that skin actually does improve when harsh chemically-laden soaps are tossed and replaced with an oil-based cleanser. Here are some things to know about oil cleansing:

Why It Works

As odd as it may sound, oil dissolves oil, so instead of stripping away the necessary oils from the skin, like soaps do, cleansing oils work with your skin’s oils. The cleansing oil is able to mix with oil already on the skin, whether it’s naturally occurring or oil left behind by makeup or other products. Then the dirt and oils get washed away with the warm water, leaving behind healthy moist skin. Since the cleansing oil works to remove impurities in the skin, there is no risk of it slipping back into the pores to clog them; they simply rinse away. This helps to retain moisture and natural pH balance in the skin, plus many oils have antibacterial properties that help the skin to stay cleaner for a longer period of time before buildup begins happening again.

This Oil vs. That Oil

Oil cleansing uses many different types of oils in various combinations to achieve desired results, so it isn’t necessarily a one-size- fits-all approach to skin care. Thankfully, there are now products available that put different oil combinations together for specific skin types and skin needs. These products take the guess work out of doing it yourself. Typically most oil cleansing products start with a base, or primary oil, such as safflower, castor, coconut, or even nut oils. Various essential oils can be added as a secondary oil to add skin benefiting properties, such as anti-aging. Certain essential oils help to keep excess oil production at a minimum, which is the goal of our Rosemary Mint Oil Control Cleanser that is specifically formulated for naturally oily skin. There are other oils that add extra moisture to skin that tends to be naturally dry, and this is the skin type that our Coconut Rose Soft + Lush Cleanser targets. These products, along with the many others we carry, are crafted to work with skin of every type.

Is Oil Cleansing Right For You?

The good news is oil cleansing has proven to be effective for all skin types and skin conditions. Even the skeptical acne sufferers who were warned against oily skin products have been celebrating the dramatic changes since starting an oil cleansing routine. There is an oil cleanser for anyone, even you, so say goodbye to soap and hello to healthy beautiful skin!

Sam Socorro is a guest writer from Sensual Spas. Sam is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas and hydrotherapy benefits